Saturday, 10 November 2018

Turkish Warplanes Kill 15 Militants

Turkish Warplanes Kill 15 Militants:

Airstrikes via Turkish warplanes have “neutralized” the banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) within north Iraq, the army published to Twitter Saturday, “demolishing hideouts and also armories belonging to the group”
The Turkish regular army makes use of the expression “neutralize” whenever it has murdered, caught or even injured combatants.
The air campaign executed Friday aim at Gara, Zap and even Avasin-Basyan areas out of northerly Iraq, Turkish armed force claimed that the “combatants were strongly believed to be prepping to execute an assault.”
“Fifteen armed participants from the separatist terror group, that were undoubtedly in preps for an assault on army bases, have been -neutralized, safe houses & depots were demolished through air campaign performed Nov. 9th,” the army pointed out, making use of the phrase it relates to the PKK.
Turkish Warplanes routinely execute raids across PKK targets inside north Iraq based within the Qandil mountain ranges.
The PKK, regarded “a terrorist network” by the United state of america, the European Union and even Turkey, has already waged a three-decade war in Turkey’s mostly Kurdish southeast area and  has already eradicated or as Turkey officials say ” Nutralized”  over 40,000 individuals.

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